When you become a mother, everything changes.
Guiding only cartoons with your daughter becomes a form of self defense.
The girl grows up and with her the fear of how to respond to thorny future questions. Sipping my coffee I Imagine type conversations and ways to beat around.
I do not want to lie to my daughter, but can I tell you that I took her to a world of shit? After all, part of the responsibility is mine
<< Mexican immigrants have to come back to their country >> the President said.
But American guys can go to Mexico to make their pigs comfortable. >> I think.
Same thing in Europe.
People do not get up one day, without a reason and decide to give up everything to make crossings on land or at sea. Moreover, part of their problems have been caused by the greediness of those who do not see in them people, but numbers and annoyances. Another bit of humanity that goes away.



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