Cute and light fantasy.

Beautiful the idea of the gene of travel over time. Finally we take a little breath from vampires, werewolves, fallen angels.

The protagonists are not particularly beautiful, damned or impossible. Rather normal teenagers, a bit prey to hormones.

There is no fate adverse to their love. Or at least, not so adverse. As always one of them is destined to die, but together they will manage to avoid it.

I have loved this book the description of the settings in the past, as well as the period costumes. The dressmaker / stylist is one of the characters that has been closest to my heart from the start.

The love story between the two young protagonists a little superficial. Even the book admits it << … we’ve only known each other for a week … >>

I would have preferred longer courtship / falling in love / kissing … But maybe it’s my problem, not coming back to the age of reading.

For the rest, a fluent and pleasant reading. Merit also of the translator I suppose.


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