I’d love to tell you.
I would like write to you and say that I would go back,
that I miss you
and I think of you.
But I do not look for you.
I do not write you, even hello.
I do not know how you are.
And I miss knowing it.
You have plans?
Did you smile today?
What did you dream?
do you go out?
Where are you going?
Do you have dreams?
Have you eaten?
I’d like to be able to look for you.
But I dont have the force.
and neither do you.
And now we wait in vain.
And we think about each other.
remember me.
remember that I think you,
That you do not know but I live you every day,
That I write about you.
but remember that looking and thinking are two different things.
And I think you
But I’m not looking for you.



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