The first time of everything is difficult for everyone.

Then with time and experience everything becomes easier.

In my opinion calm and cold blood are fundamental to face the adventure of being a mother. From when he is a newborn to when he will be married.

Everything else comes with time and experience, as I said.

Motherhood and pregnancy first changed my life. For the better.

I discovered sides of me, strengths and weaknesses that I did not know.

I was wrong, I collapsed and I got up.

Every day with my daughter is a discovery.

A step forward for her and for me.

Because it’s always me and she in the end.

It will be that motherhood makes you more sensitive, but I feel, at this moment, to virtually embrace all the new mothers of the world.

The pregnancy will pass, in whatever condition you have experienced. The first month well and you will be able to sleep again. Colic and the fear of falling asleep when you sleep will also pass. If you can not breastfeed, it will grow all the same. If you buy clothes of wrong sizes, it will grow the same. If you stay a week spitting the soup then eat it.

Be flexible, especially with yourself. Nobody is born learned. Do not be intimidated by the all-encompassing with perfect children.

Use the word no, especially as soon as the child is born. Take your space from relatives and friends if you do not feel like having visits.

Listen to everyone but filter everything. Dispensers for unsolicited advice have in turn wrong. Of course, we’re all good after we’ve done one thing.

With the house a little ‘dirty the child will grow the same. You will have time to make it as clean as you want.

Talk to the pediatrician. It will be your best friend. If he’s smart. Mine helped me a lot, even as a woman, before mum, during the famous baby blues. Ask. Even the most stupid things. Nothing is obvious.

I know, keep calm and Be mom !! Do not forget it!



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