Another film by Miyazaki that “touches the soul” as the critics say.

The protagonist is a sulky little girl, a bit unpleasant at the beginning of the film, due to the move with her family.

Shortly before arriving in the new residence, the father makes a mistake and goes into a path that ends with a tunnel, where you can continue only on foot.

The intrigued parents decide to take a look.

The girl does not agree, feeling that something is wrong, but follows them.

Here they come to a deserted city where there are only restaurants. They find one open and start eating, except for her, who wants to leave.

They turn into pigs, I suppose they refer to greed.

And from now on the girl will be alone, albeit helped by various friends, found during the adventure.

The city is governed by a witch who runs spas for spirits and supernatural beings.

We will meet again the very nice black dots, the spirits of the soot, seen in “my neighbor Totoro”.

She will lose a part of her, grow during the period that will help her parents return to human and find herself, also helping her friend Haku to find himself.

She will work hard and show her strength.

She will make a deal with a wicked witch and will eventually destroy him..

Love will come into her life and she will have to use all his courage when he is in danger.

She will deserve the respect of all, leaving behind the spoiled and grumpy girl who was.

Nice nice nice.



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