Anastasia Steele is my new idol. This girl with Hermione Granger’s hair, a blue-flowered blouse, a 50s-style curtain, a 20-year-old virgin biting her lip and raising her eyes to the sky, has fallen in love with the coolest and richest of Seattle. If I had been her friend Kate, I would have gotten a little messed up. He is not only perverted … He is also beautiful, rich, gentle, falls in love with her and is devoted to her. Considering that he could have all the women in the world. She not only takes all this with a few whippings, because she actually manages to soften it, but from ugly she becomes rich and cool, doing the job she has always dreamed of. So more than eroticism is science fiction. Seriously, as well as my current cynicism aside. I only saw the movies, I did not read the books. Whips and contraptions of pleasure aside, the story is there and with a little ‘commitment is also profound. A simple and tenacious woman will be able to discover love, to a man to whom life has given so much, but after so much suffering at a young age. A world that is often sought to hide is shown. And I do not mean bondage. A world made up of mothers prostitutes drug addicts. Of children left to themselves and abused. Of pedophile women, in the minority, but existing. Of happy end adoptions. Of adults who are the result of their childhood, adolescence. Of perversions. Of a man who has the courage to admit them and who is basically a gentleman. After so much pain, so many difficulties, love and pleasure will triumph. And they all lived happily and whipped.



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