Film adaptation of Philip Reeve’s fantasy novel. Official protagonists: the usual two kids who have to save the world. Unofficial protagonists: London Brexit period, the Church, and human stupidity. London, in the role of a mobile predatory city, which does not fail to criticize the EU. The Church, which hides dark secrets behind its inaccessible walls. And human greed, disguised as a passion for research and progress, which goes hand in hand with the stupidity of man, who instead of learning from past mistakes, builds more powerful machines / weapons to destroy the earth, wanting to 60 minutes. To me personally the post-apocalyptic dystopian genre does not like much. I liked the film even less. Actors and dialogues did not impress me. There was just little pathos. The film is dark, but it is the kind that requires it, I suppose, except for the small red plane that gave a little color and breath to the film. In conclusion: disturbing. Perhaps because in fact, phenomena such as we are lately, such a future is not so absurd.



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