Little Clara, recently orphan of her mother, lives with her father, her sister and her little brother. For the family the Christmas season is very sad. Everything remembers the mother. Clara is as brilliant as the latter, looks a lot like her. Love mechanical devices, build them, physics. There is no peace and she does not understand how the father manages to move forward, to carry out daily activities despite everything. Before Christmas Day, the father gives children the gifts left to them by their mother. Clara has a carillon as a gift, but she lacks the key to open it. In the attached letter, moreover, the mother says that she will find the answers inside so finding the key will become a real obsession for the girl. On Christmas Day they go to their Godfather, guardian of their mother. Like every year he organizes a gift hunt for the guests at his home. In looking for her gift, Clara will be catapulted into a parallel world. In looking for the key she will know the four kingdoms, the rulers, the nutcracker soldier, who will accompany her on her journey, and the role that her mother had in that world. She will understand how appearance tricks, how pain can make people mad. That you can suffer a lot, even if you do not show it. She will judge badly, she will be wrong, but she will remedy. And in the end, She will find the answers. Disney is always a guarantee. The movie is a cinematographic adaptation of the story “The Nutcracker and the King of the Rats” by Hoffmann and of the ballet “The Nutcracker” by P. Chejkovskij. The fairytale settings and the rococo dresses are beautiful.Spectacular cast. Morgan Freeman, Keira Knightley, Mackenzie Foy, Helen Mirren. Highly recommended.



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