Cinematographic adaptation of “The Little Broomstick” by Mary Stewart. Mary, a little pepper girl, with red-haired rebels, spends the summer holidays with the elderly grand-aunt, waiting for the beginning of the school. She is bored, would like to be useful but combines many disasters because of her clumsiness. Her red, frizzy hair, as she never fails to remind us, is a source of embarrassment and insecurity for her. Even Peter, the first child she knows, immediately gets around for it. Thanks to two kittens, who catch her attention while she is having lunch alone, she will discover the village forest and the secrets she hides. A magical flower will take her to a magic and terrible world but, thanks to her tenacity, she will manage to avoid the worst. The critics did not like this film. Very hard with Miyazaki’s “disciple”. He reminded me a lot of this and I was not sorry at all. In addition, the topics dealt with and the characters that recalls, are very dear to me. Man himself will be the cause of his destruction, not thinking of the terrible consequences of his experiments, eager for ever greater power. A Power, which manages to corrupt even the kindest minds. Stop use the science in inappropriately way. Stop with the experimentation on animals. Stop with violence on animals and children, helpless victims of a sick world.



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