Thank you for having been beside me in joy and pain.

Thank you for licking my wounds.

Thank you for taking care of my soul and avoiding to plunge, in more than one occasion, into the tunnel of despair.

Thanks, to the newcomer, who is letting out my best part. That’s making me look at everything with a different look. That makes me enjoy small things.

To the most sensitive, my Lilli, that when I leave home for half an hour, on my return, fills me with affection.

At the two Little cats, which do spite, cuddle and funny acrobatics.

I hope to give you even a quarter of the love you give me.

And I am sorry for all those who will never know the love that an animal, like a child, can give us. The good that can do to you. And if you don’t care, at least don’t hurt them. Don’t delude them by taking them and then abandon them. Don’t lock them up.

This is my prayer today.



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